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An Uninvited Guest is set in a quiet residential home. In which the parents are away for the weekend. When an unknown person starts lurking about, survival becomes the sole objective.

Experience the introduction to the upcoming game, An Uninvited Guest.


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Nice environment and nice gameplay and aesthetic

I made a video on your game 

Este juego point&click de terror te tendr谩 pegado a tu asiento esperando en qu茅 momento vas a ver el susto de tu vida. Bien hecho!

This game caused me genuine fear

The full release is broken, after starting game and typing password, game teleports you upstairs and you can't get down the stairs

We have resolved the bug causing this, updating the game will fix this

This game is so good!

I got SO stressed out in this game馃槀can't wait for the full game!!

I suggest to play!
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now that I've said awesome twice, give my vid some love

Finally got the Home Alone videogame adaptation I always wanted! lol jokes aside, great game can't wait to see the full release. Thanks for all your hard work!

Played at 04:38. I LOVE point and click games so this was a joy to play.

maybe beef out the house with stuff so it's not so empty. I took way too long on the power puzzle but that was my bad..

Check out my video.

Your game is the last in the video! At first, the movement really turned me off to the game. Once I got used to it, however, I started to enjoy it a lot! Home invasion is a legitimate fear and this plays into that really well. I was so sad when it ended because I wanted so much more! At the end you said you're looking for feedback? Honestly the only thing I can offer is, it would be nice is the movement was more fluent. Even knowing where to go takes forever. Aside from that, I loved it. Good luck on the full game!

Awesome game! It was a bit tricky for me to get used to the movement and looking around, but was good overall!

Great game. I like your plot!

Some light spoilers in this comment, skip this if you want to be fully surprised.

This is good, quite good. I very much enjoyed (after the fact haha) the game design and the deliberate movements you have to make. Being able to manually move your camera all around yourself, along with the multitude of spots to click to gave me freedom to choose how I explored a scene, it also opened up more avenues for potential scares and I was constantly thinking about how my next move might expose me to scares, since movement required a short animation to fully exact itself. Your worst enemy is sometimes yourself, after all.

The sheer amount of arrows to move towards also allowed me to satiate my curiosity, while putting myself at risk of additional scares, the inclusion of the arrows that put you into hiding spots was good foreshadowing, forcing yourself to memorize the layout of the protagonist's home. I think this is a very good innovation upon the point and click format.

The only critique I can really give it is that the house felt a little barren, and I would recommend working on how the house looks while its lights are powered, in complete darkness, it is near perfect. Other than that, the pacing was quite nice, and it made exploring the house eventful.

I definitely wanted more at the end, can't wait for the full product.

This game was pretty fun. The movement was more like a point and click game and made it a little annoying to walk around but the environment was well done and creepy . I don't like how the demo ending though. Cant wait to play the game when it gets released !

I loved this game the atmosphere is so spooky

Oh no.. (An Uninvited Guest Demo) - YouTube

Love a game with puzzles! Creepy atmosphere, interesting mechanic (though the movement made me a little queasy). Looking forward to seeing the final product!

Very cool teaser, will absolutely be playing full game. Cant wait. Check vid for teaser gameplay. 

Um jogo interessante. N茫o esperava ele ser meio point and click, ent茫o gastei alguns segundos apertando wasd a toa kkkkk pena que ele acaba quando chega na melhor parte. Curioso pra saber o que vai estar dispon铆vel para sobreviver na vers茫o final do jogo.

really really enjoyed this, never really been into point and click games but you captured the atmosphere of a horror perfectly, if you want to check out my gameplay and review be sure to check the video out below if you enjoy be sure to hit the sub button! 


love your game lots thank you :):):)

What an interesting concept of a game! 

I loved the style and the way to move by clicking arrows, I thought that it added to the tension. That puzzle took me a little while to figure out, but got there eventually. 

I cannot wait to see the full release! Keep up the good work!


I can't wait for the full to come out

really well made game 

interesting but left me wanting more, look forward to the full game. 

My heart was pounding. I thought I was going to die. Loved it, I'll add it to steam. Thank you

Absolutely loved this game! The atmosphere was so great, the warbly music in the background was so great and it really amped up the creepiness. The movement really made things super spooky, it makes the player feel restricted and there was always the feeling that something was behind the character. The house was well designed and can't wait to see what's in future updates! (Video below if anyone's interested!)

Only thing I would suggest would be to reduce the amount of points where you can go to, taking inspiration from At Dead Of Night. That might enhance the creep factor as player choices would be more limited and could be more well thought out.

Oh and wanted to report a glitch (Or at least I think it was one?). If the player picked up the key before the power outage happens, the game glitches out and the power comes back on as well as the fuse box breaks and not all the fuses are interactable.

Other than that, it was a fantastic demo and very much looking forward to more! Good luck for the project and stay safe!

The game was fun, and I really enjoyed my clicker game, it was very relaxing. The gameplay was different with the moving to a spot, I am curious how this is going to affect the rest of the gameplay. The puzzles were fun, though no idea how I reset the fuses so fast, I am not usually that smart. It鈥檚 going to be interesting to see how the puzzles will affect the game, seeing as though I was in such a panicked state at the end of the demo trying to work out where to go.

I really do not understand the layout of American Housing, it took me a while to work out how you enter the basement. It sort of makes the game like a maze for me, I can only wonder what it will be like trying to get around when dealing with the intruder.

Can鈥檛 wait to see what the full game is going to be like, and what puzzles you stick into the game.

I'm not going to lie, I didn't have very high expectations for this game. It looked like it was going to be like every horror demo I have played lately but this ended up being a genuinely interesting, terrifying, well made game and i am genuinely excited for the full game to come out. I hope you enjoy my review and gameplay of this demo, if you did please support my channel by subscribing , it would mean the world! Thanks so much guys xoxo

You should see the logic puzzle I have to solve when I fix the fuses in my home. This was a really creepy game. I always find the games that use real life scenerios such as a home invasion to be extra spooky. Keep up the great work! 

Love the fact the game has corners for me to cower in, hahaha you don't usually get that in the indie horror genre! I can definitely see this becoming a sort of time intensive, strategic experience where choosing the wrong move could potentially be your last! Sounds exciting, actually.

Great Work!

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This game was interesting,

I like how can move your head and look around Even though it鈥檚 a Point and click game as many others don鈥檛 let you.

My only complaint with the movement is that there鈥檚 a slight delay after you click to a location Meaning you can鈥檛 get around as quick as you want. To be fair this did make the part at the end a lot more tense but when you鈥檙e just walking around the house it becomes a little annoying. 

With that being said I鈥檒l still being looking out for the full release!

Really cool demo! It was surprisingly scary! 

Here's my gameplay hope you guys enjoy

I had fun playing through this one, enjoyed the point and click gameplay and some of the scares were neat as well, good work :)

This was great! Loved the point and click style while also allowing free camera movement. Nice buildup of tension leading to the end, where things get pretty intense. I'm excited to see where this game goes! Great work!

Fun game, that ending was so stressful

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